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Hosted by Sarahjoy Marsh

Sarahjoy Marsh Circle WhiteAuthor of Hunger, Hope & Healing and internationally celebrated yoga teacher, yoga therapist and teacher trainer, Sarahjoy is a vibrant and compassionate catalyst for transformation. She uses a balance of Eastern & Western education and philosophy to ignite a person’s confidence in themselves, re-awaken their potential and to support them in thriving emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually while masterfully creating authentic community on a deeper level.

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Monday, June 20th

Raphael Cushnir

The Wizard with a Shadow, The Power of Container, & The Role of Contribution in Healing

Join Raphael Cushnir and Sarahjoy as they explore the evolutionary glitch in our brains, including the part of our brain that Raphael calls the “Wizard with a Shadow”.

They’ll talk about the different qualities of attention of which we’re capable and that are required of us for embracing our life. As Raphael and Sarahjoy share a passion for the intricacy and intelligence of our brains, at all ages and stages in life, they’ll invite you to understand how to access your inner life and to welcome all of its promptings as opportunities for awakening.

You’ll also enjoy an insider’s ear on the role of the “therapist”, and the importance of the “container” in which healing occurs. Raphael and Sarahjoy agree that being with clients and students is an honor eliciting their most nourishing presence in support of the journey that transforms us all, whether you explore your journey with a yoga therapist, life coach, meditation teacher, or psychotherapist.

Contemplation Tool Offered: Raphael offers an important exploration into the role of contribution as a part of our personal and collective healing imperatives.

Tuesday, June 21st

Hala Khouri

Discovering Your Authentic Voice
& Respecting Your Sensitive Nature

Join Sarahjoy in weaving through compelling conversation with Hala as they explore our different experiences of having or not having a voice, understanding our personal lineage (family history) pertinent to finding our voice; as well as the subtleties and courage of cultivating our authentic voice.

They also talk together about the nature of “sensitive people”. Perhaps you’ve experienced the nature of “being sensitive” as an unfortunate label, something that upsets others or judges you as “too sensitive”. Hala explores the spectrums of sensitivity we develop in our brains and the strengths of our sensitivity, those to be discovered and celebrated!

Hala and Sarahjoy share a passion for the intimate and skillful processes of going inward: pulsation, pendulation, expansion, and contraction. Touching lightly, leaning in, leaning back, acclimating. They’ll open your awareness to this pulsation and remind you that recovery is a journey of different rhythms and pulsations, maturing and harmonizing along the way.

Practice Tool Offered: How do we know when it’s time for deepening and when we need to pause? Hala will offer a short practice at the end of our discussion, one that can be carried with you throughout your day.

Wednesday, June 22nd

Kimber Simpkins

Coming Back to Kindness
& Our Inner Community

Join Kimber and Sarahjoy as they journey through the art of Coming Back to Kindness, an essential skill in recovery of all natures. Together they discuss the varied (often widely varied) aspects of their being, including what Kimber refers to as her Inner Anorexic, and that which Sarahjoy refers to as her Inner Shame Monster.

In the process of recovery, Kimber recommends specific language skills, such as saying to ourselves “May I be … kind, courageous, willing.” rather than imposing affirmations that may feel like impending disappointments or reason to feel ingenuine. Again and again, you’ll hear their resonance about the underlying needs for kindness, forgiveness, and intention in the healing process.

They’ll also explore the concept of our Inner Community: the complex and, at times, conflicting, inner aspects of who we are, including those we might consider to be inner resources, those aspects that have dominated us under stress, and those more vulnerable parts that are key to our healing.

Practice Tool Offered: Kimber offers us a meditation for the heart that you’ll want to use throughout your day.



Thursday, June 23rd

Melanie Klein

Advocacy, Cultural Change,
& The Art of Listening

Join Melanie and Sarahjoy as they explore finding your voice, and learning to use it as a voice of advocacy. Advocacy is the strength hidden inside the “Fight” reaction in our sympathetic nervous system’s reaction to stress. Melanie’s taken this strength to courageous and necessary places in her life, as well as on behalf of the larger culture. In this conversation, you’ll hear more about that!

One of the keys to being a cultural change agent (whether in your inner culture, your family/friend culture, or our larger culture) is your willingness to “get comfortable feeling uncomfortable” (one of the Hunger, Hope and Healing life skills). As your voices of clarity and critical thinking may cause unrest in those with whom you navigate your recovery, Melanie also offers us a key component about our ability to listen, to truly listen.


Contemplation Tool Offered: Melanie offers a key recommendation for when you find yourself in those moments where your authenticity, curiosity, and courage are stirring someone else’s discomfort.


Visit Melanie Klein’s Website.

Friday, June 24th

Carol Horton

The Art of Juggling Your Yoga Practice & Putting Passionate Callings into Action

Sarahjoy and Carol weave through an engaging discussion of the art of juggling a life passion as its emerging, such as book writing while parenting, and maintaining yogic practices along the way.

They discuss the importance of consistently finding ways to nourish your life to allow for the callings that emerge, especially for those engaged in yoga and social justice. (As a bonus they also veer into a fiery discussion on the need for Yogic Ethics in the yoga community!)

In listening to these two passionate, accomplished, humble, and committed individuals, you’ll hear the yoga that weaves through their lives. Carol’s life veers from higher education and political science into the yoga community. How she encourages herself in this navigation is the yoga required of all of us seeking recovery, the recovery of our 360-degree life, a full-spectrum life inclusive of passion, purpose, poignancy, inquiry, contemplation, and integrity.

Contemplation Tool Offered: Carol shares a wide angle view of our life “course” as its unfolding, influenced by yoga, our histories, our cultural influences, and being change-agents in the time in which we live.


Visit Carol Horton’s Website.

Saturday, June 25th

Durga Leela

Ayurveda, Doshas, Koshas,
and the “So Hum” of it All

Enjoy the camaraderie between Sarahjoy and Durga as they explore the resonance they share as yoga therapists, outline the tools of yoga therapy for recovery, and even remiss about their own journeys from suffering to awe.

Durga speaks eloquently and honestly about her own journey of recovery. She exquisitely outlines the tendencies in how the doshas contribute to our symptoms and behaviors; while also offering perspective on what to do about it.

Sarahjoy and Durga will talk you through the concept of the Koshas as our embodied ecosystem and as a roadmap toward recovery. This engaging and hopeful perspective brings to life how we can navigate from a larger perspective while staying intimate with our own journey.

Durga also explores the nature of hunger and longing, the deep longings of being human. During our discussion she readily offers her own journey for integrating our deeper understanding.

Practice Tool Offered: Durga will lead us in the So Hum breathing practice, through which you will feel her love and experience how grounding a simple breathing practice can be.

Visit Durga Leela’s Website.



Sunday, June 26th

Gabor Mate

The Role of Isolation in Addiction + The Healing Power of What We Feel in the Present Moment

Join Gabor and Sarahjoy as they explore a core principle from Gabor’s teachings: the central role of isolation in addiction. They further journey through this dialogue revealing their own early beginnings, both with mother’s whose fathers were away at war at the time of their birth. Gabor candidly shares of himself as physician, author, teacher, speaker, and wise, humble, accessible human being, steeped in the wisdom of living directly into his life experiences.

A key teaching they co-explore is the role of the right brain for nudging us to “feel” into our experiences, in the body, rather than to intellectualize one’s way around it. Referred to as a spiritual bypass, listen as Gabor’s deeply embodied and grounded perspective invites you into your felt experiences. He points elegantly to the daily opportunities we have to heal: whenever and wherever we may find ourselves stirred, here is the moment we can awaken. Our stirrings reveal to us the nature of our personal work.

Sarahjoy poses a compelling question to Gabor surrounding the role of “ego” in our journey. Listen as his heartfelt reflections provide both solace and guidance.

Contemplation + Practice Tool Offered: Turn toward and feel into your body, in your moments of activation or arousal, and discovery the information, wisdom, and healing dwelling there.

Visit Gabor Mate’s Website.