Sarahjoy created Living Yoga in 1998 and founded it as a non-profit yoga outreach program in 2001.

In 1996, following her time as a Breitenbush Hot Springs community member, Sarahjoy left “paradise” to goPrison tower teach yoga in prison.

From Sarahjoy: “After nearly two years searching for a prison in which I could teach yoga, I moved to Portland, Oregon. Columbia River Correctional Institution had its first yoga class in Unit 2 in the fall of 1998. After three years of volunteering twice a week, the program was able to grow when the state of Oregon built Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in 2001. Additional volunteers came in and we established a formal non-profit organization. As Living Yoga’s founder and volunteer trainer, it was a deeply satisfying honor to teach yoga in prisons, drug and alcohol rehab centers, and in public support facilities for marginalized adults and teens, and to train other heartfelt volunteers to do the same.

Since its humble bcell barseginning in 1998, Living Yoga has trained hundreds of volunteers, engaged the larger community in supporting the mission, and taught over 20,000 hours of yoga a year. I was honored to be able to step into a role of public service and advocacy beyond the walls of my yoga studio. I will be forever thankful to and impressed by the members of my yoga studio community for their support of the organization and their commitment to social justice.”prison wires