A Weekend Immersion for Yogajoy

July 7-9, 2017

Eric Shaw



So much goes on in yoga.

Breaths, bandhas, and vinyasas.

Means, Methods, and goals.

Possibilities for inner adventures wink at us from heaped up investigations, insights, and textual traces left over the centuries.

Learn a meaningful chunk of that material in these 2 days of study and practice

2 Pose Practice Workshops:


What Twisting and Crossing Midline Can Do
Modern science tells us twisting and taking our limbs over midline integrates the brain.
Yoga’s subtle science tells us core-twists wake up samavayu—the capacity to digest both food and emotional experience.
It also says granthis—the “binds” and “knots” of yoga (like we find in Eagle pose)—create compressions that will drive more prana (life-force) through our body.
We’ll study Eagle Pose and many other asanas, as this workshop explores this little-known science of the knotty side of yoga.


3 steps to Pattern your Movement
Patanjali tells us, “Pratya Saithilya Ananta Samapattibhyam, “Grasp, Release, Entwine, Fall Completely Into Being.”

This is where we’ll go in this workshop.

Krama is anchoring and letting go in movement, Tristana is interweaving bodily motion, breath-locks, and breath; and Karana is dance-like synchronization of the limbs.

These are rarely-taught vinyasa skills. They discipline yoga-motion. Find out how to apply these concepts to posework to move with more awareness, precision, and power.


2 Lectures:


Understanding a Conflict in Yoga Philosophy

Two different sciences of yoga exist.

They contradict each other all over the place and—unless we get clear on them—they’ll muddle our practice and cloud our awareness of what our yoga can be.

In this workshop, we explore the Sutras’ philosophy of retreat from the world and Tantra’s skillset of celebrating this life. We’ll look at their main ideas and clarify how each system serves us in the living day.


The Backstory of Cosmos and Creation

Yoga’s stories about gods marshaling monkey armies, deities becoming honeybees, or demons churning oceans of milk, speak to both the theist and the atheist.
These god-tales charm us even as the access archetypical relationships and personalities—and unveil key patterns behind our psychology, communities, and cosmos.
In this workshop, meet Kali, Krishna, and their assorted colleagues, hear how they behave on Eternity’s big stage and have fun putting their lessons to work in your life and practice.



Eric ShawMA.SEMA.RSMA.AS, has studied yoga and meditation for 30 years and taught both since 2001. He maintains a lively international teaching schedule and is the creator of both Prasana Yoga—a form that reveals alignment in movement—and Yoga Education through Imagery—lecture programming that teaches yoga’s traditions through archival imagery and new scholarship. He is an RYT-500 and YACEP with two degrees in Art, and Masters Degrees in Education, Religious Studies and Asian Studies. His writing appears in Yoga Journal, Common Ground, Mantra Yoga + Health, and other publications. To learn more, please see: www.prasanayoga.com


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Date(s) - 07/07/2017 - 07/09/2017
12:00 am - 12:00 pm

The DAYA Foundation