Join the Community

Sarahjoy Marsh has been leading small Hunger, Hope, & Healing groups since 2001. The response to these has been tremendous, but their reach has been limited by geography and timing.

But, starting in the Winter of 2017 we’ll be launching a brand-new online Hunger, Hope & Healing course designed to support your journey on the path to recovery.

Through videos, online resources, support groups, and direct contact with Sarahjoy, you cant start your recovery today.

You Are Not Alone

Just by visiting this page you’ve made the decision to join a community of people all over the world who face body image issues and feel challenged by disordered eating patterns that keep them mentally and physically unhealthy.

But there’s hope through yoga and mindfulness.

Sarahjoy Marsh knows the struggles of disordered eating all too well—and she’s helped thousands of women face those struggles and live happier, healthier lives.

Start Your Recovery

Only you can make the decision to reclaim yourself.

But once you do, we’ll be there to help.

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