Stage 1: Self-Nurturing Discipline

New Hope to Reclaim Yourself!

Coming Winter 2017

Sarahjoy Marsh has been leading small Hunger, Hope, and Healing groups since 2001. The response to these has been tremendous, but their reach has been limited by geography and timing.

But, starting in the Winter of 2017 we’ll be launching a brand-new online Hunger, Hope and Healing course designed to support your journey on the path to recovery.

This eight-week online course includes:

    • weekly 60min videos with Sarahjoy

    • weekly unique yoga routines best fit for your day

    • daily affirmations

    • daily access to a supportive community and sisterhood

    • upon completing Stage 1, a interactive Sype session with Sarahjoy and other students

Sarahjoy Marsh
Sarahjoy Marsh
Author of Hunger, Hope and Healing

For years, Sarahjoy struggled with disordered eating patterns and body-image issues of her own—until she discovered yoga and mindfullness. Since then, she’s been dedicated to helping others to reclaim their life and their self-worth and be guided on the journey of recovery like the one that saved her life.

Stage 1: Self- Nurturing Discipline

Through this course, you will:

  • learn the four essential life skills for recovery, and how to integrate them into your daily life
  • develop self-care tools that become your new base-line
  • learn the cycle of addiction and how it relates to your recovery
  • incorporate simple Ayurvedic principles and nutritional therapies into your daily routines
  • utilize your powerful inner language tools to overcome the voice of shame

If you’re ready to reclaim your relationship to your body and food, let’s get started.

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