2018 Series

Disordered, compulsive, or emotional eating and exercising are often a result of “hungers of the heart.”  Hunger for connection, creativity, aliveness, ease, and refuge, which we confuse with physical hunger.

Explore these behaviors in the spirit of sisterhood, kindness, and transparency as you learn to:

Satisfy your hungers without food as the default

Examine cycles of compulsion and food or body-centered anxiety

Use the Four Essential Life Skills of recovery:
Getting in the GAP, Getting Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable, Moving from Love not Shame, Personal Buoyancy

Practice supportive yoga, meditation, and pranayama

For all women; no previous yoga experience necessary. Pre-registration required. Minimum 6 committed students. Maximum of 10.


Spring Series with Sarahjoy


Mondays: 7-week series  

March 19 – April 30

6:15 – 8:15PM



Wednesdays: 7-week series

March 21 – May 2

6:15 – 8:15PM


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  2018 Summer Schedule will be posted in March
Fall and Holiday Schedule posted in June

Hunger, Hope & Healing

A Yoga Approach to Reclaiming Your Relationship with Your Body and Food

In this engaging, methodical, and inspiring book, Sarahjoy walks readers through the steps and stages of recovery from disordered eating patterns including yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive eating, restricting, obsessive food thoughts, and body-centered shame and self-hatred. Reclaim your relationship with your body, its innate intelligence, your courage, your faith in yourself, and your 360-degree life, a life that encompasses and allows for the whole of you in full expression.
Yoga philosophy and practice are increasingly being used therapeutically to help people overcome disorded eating patterns and the resulting emotional distress they can cause. Sarahjoy offers a program using yoga to address these issues. She illuminates the nature of addiction and offers a methodical approach to recovery that is neither dogmatic nor rigid; rather, it is compassionate, hopeful, and deliberate.

Full of clear, empathic advice and photographs of the step-by-step practices, this book will help alleviate the isolation that people with food-oriented issues and body image problems feel; offer strategies for changing the behaviors; and give clear guidelines about the processes of recovery and the development of new life skills.

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