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Author of Hunger, Hope & Healing and internationally celebrated yoga teacher, yoga therapist and teacher trainer, Sarahjoy is a vibrant and compassionate catalyst for transformation. She uses a balance of Eastern & Western education and philosophy to ignite a person’s confidence in themselves, reawaken their potential and to support them in thriving emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually while masterfully creating authentic community on a deeper level.

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Melody Moore | 12:30pm Pacific

Embodying Love, Attachment + Non-Attachment

Many speakers in this series are both in recovery from their own body image or disordered eating and yoga change agents.

Advocating for a cultural shift in response to understanding one’s own suffering and seeing the poignancy and pain of that in others is one of the paths of yoga as a tool for recovery. Karma Yoga, the yoga of love in action, teaches us to act and to do so passionately (yet with dispassion, with non-attachment to the outcomes).

Sarahjoy often describes this non-attachment as remembering that (1) we are not the doer, something larger is acting through us; and (2) what we could envision from our personal perspective, is likely smaller than what love in action becomes when we are not in the way.

This aptly describes Melody’s undertaking with her program for girls: Embody Love Movement. She saw a need. And, though born of her own personal journey, she stayed open to how ELM needed to take form and to blossom. Often surprised by its momentum, Melody and Sarahjoy share in how it is to surf a vision that grows itself.

With Melody’s background in clinical psychology, they are also uniquely able to discuss how Attachment Theory (a Western clinical concept, not related to the teachings of non-attachment in yoga) is relevant to our healing journey in recovery.

What is healthy attachment and why is it so influential in us becoming internally stable and interpersonally courageous? Since many eating disorders, and other addictions, might be described as “attachment substitutes”, this is a potent aspect of our recovery journeys.

Visit Melody’s Website

Anna Guest-Jelley | 5:30 pm Pacific

How Curvy Yoga Was Born

When you see that something has to change, and you then commit yourself to forging the path in that direction, and you offer it on behalf of a larger community of people seeking healing and wholeness, Sarahjoy refers to you as a karma yoga warrior.

Anna Guest-Jelley did just this when she recognized a need for yoga to be more accessible, inclusive, adaptive, celebratory toward people of all sizes and capacities. Anna’s dedication to this is also part of her personal heroic journey.

As a teacher of teachers, Sarahjoy also engages Anna in questions as to how yoga teachers can and need to increase their sensitivity to language, personal bias, or inadvertent shaming. Anna’s clarity and reflectivity come through beautifully and one can imagine that being a student in her yoga class is a loving, nourishing experience for body, mind, and heart.

Visit Anna’s Website

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Kimber Simpkins | 12:30 pm Pacific

Coming Back to Kindness & Our Inner Community

Join Kimber and Sarahjoy as they journey through the art of Coming Back to Kindness, an essential skill in recovery of all natures. Together they discuss the varied (often widely varied) aspects of their being, including what Kimber refers to as her Inner Anorexic and that which Sarahjoy refers to as her Inner Shame Monster.

In the process of recovery, Kimber recommends specific language skills, such as saying to ourselves “May I be … kind, courageous, willing” rather than imposing affirmations that may feel like impending disappointments or reason to feel ingenuine. Again and again, you’ll hear their resonance about the underlying needs for kindness, forgiveness, and intention in the healing process.

They’ll also explore the concept of our Inner Community: the complex and, at times, conflicting, inner aspects of who we are, including those we might consider to be inner resources, those aspects that have dominated us under stress, and those more vulnerable parts that are key to our healing.

Practice Tool Offered: Kimber offers us a meditation for the heart that you’ll want to use throughout your day.

Visit Kimber’s Website

Hala Khouri | 5:30 pm Pacific

Discovering Your Authentic Voice
& Respecting Your Sensitive Nature

Join Sarahjoy in weaving through compelling conversation with Hala as they explore our different experiences of having or not having a voice, understanding our personal lineage (family history) pertinent to finding our voice; as well as the subtleties and courage of cultivating our authentic voice.

They also talk together about the nature of “sensitive people”. Perhaps you’ve experienced the nature of “being sensitive” as an unfortunate label, something that upsets others or judges you as “too sensitive”. Hala explores the spectrums of sensitivity we develop in our brains and the strengths of our sensitivity, those to be discovered and celebrated!

Hala and Sarahjoy share a passion for the intimate and skillful processes of going inward: pulsation, pendulation, expansion, and contraction. Touching lightly, leaning in, leaning back, acclimating. They’ll open your awareness to this pulsation and remind you that recovery is a journey of different rhythms and pulsations, maturing and harmonizing along the way.

Practice Tool Offered: How do we know when it’s time for deepening and when we need to pause? Hala will offer a short practice at the end of our discussion, one that can be carried with you throughout your day.

Visit Hala Khouri’s Website

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Kia Miller | 12:30 pm Pacific

Courageous Conversations: Mothers + Daughters, Sensuality + Sexuality

Though Kia describes her experience in modeling as a time of “emptiness of expression” (referring to how one photographer was willing to speak with her), being in this conversation with Kia reflected the fullness of presence and wisdom into which Kia has grown.

We wove through courageous conversations including transparently discussing the power of the mother-daughter relationship in eating disorders and recovery, and the importance of our sensuality and sexuality in recovery from food and body issues.

Kia and Sarahjoy share a quality of elegance in speaking to topics that may otherwise be avoided, even in recovery circles. Their reflections on the power of the mother-daughter relationship, and the need for love and boundaries, for example, will likely be relevant for listeners in navigating relationships in recovery.

Kia also offers a breathing meditation for awakening, and using well, the energies of the 2nd chakra, sensuality, and sexuality.

Visit Kia’s Website

Roseanne Harvey | 5:30 pm Pacific

Karma Yoga: From Ashram to Internet to Daily Life

One of the great hallmarks of our recovery is that we become more integrated and genuine people. Roseanne, author of the blog series, “It’s All Yoga, Baby!” embodies this with a transparent, humble, and honest sincerity. She and Sarahjoy touch on topics relevant to our everyday living in recovery: work, home life, personal practice, contemplation, family responsibilities, and the ongoing process of integrating our yoga into our lives, thoughts, relationships, and conversations.

Roseanne discovered her primary yogic path, Karma Yoga, the yoga of work and service, while living in an ashram in which they studied daily how their mental patterns (vrttis) and conditioning (samskaras) could distort or transform their interpersonal relationships. Through the process of inquiry that deepened for her during this time, Roseanne later became a yoga change agent and an advocate for clarity in action, word, conversation, and collective potential. Today she lives a householder’s life (not an ashram life) and describes how the structure of her new 9 to 5 life is providing a springboard for her inner life to continue.

For those of you who “work regular jobs” and want to understand how karma yoga infuses a life of wholeness and sincerity, Roseanne is a wonderful role model and a genuine human being.

Visit Roseanne’s Website

Saturday, November 11th


Lisa Lampanelli | 12:30 pm Pacific

Stuffed: Learning from Our Stories

Lisa and Sarahjoy weave through a conversation filled with insight, enthusiasm, and great genuineness from Lisa’s life experiences. This is a very alive discussion revealing the kind of openness, camaraderie, and freedom that can be experienced in recovery. Shame has no legs in this conversation. Pain is transformed into gratitude. Appreciation springs forth from adversity and frees us to live the dharma (the purpose, the passion, the expression) that was most meant to come through us.

Lisa is an example of living out loud, leveraging her life hurdles, transforming them into teachings, and, through her stand up comedy performances, providing audiences with a reprieve from pain and isolation to be in the presence of a teacher whose relationship to her pain and transformation has brought dharmic wisdom.

She shares how when audiences applaud her weight loss, she starkly points out that this is the wrong time for the applause. That the deserving applause ought to be for her willingness to go on as a fat person living in our culture and “not ending her life” in response to our culture’s fat-bias, disdain, condescension, and judgment.

Visit Lisa’s Website
Check Out Lisa’s Newest Off-Broadway Show, “Stuffed”
(October – November 2017)



Carol Horton | 5:30 pm Pacific

The Art of Juggling Your Yoga Practice & Putting Passionate Callings into Action

Sarahjoy and Carol weave through an engaging discussion of the art of juggling a life passion as it’s emerging, such as book writing while parenting, and maintaining yogic practices along the way.

They discuss the importance of consistently finding ways to nourish your life to allow for the callings that emerge, especially for those engaged in yoga and social justice. (As a bonus they also veer into a fiery discussion on the need for Yogic Ethics in the yoga community!)

In listening to these two passionate, accomplished, humble, and committed individuals, you’ll hear the yoga that weaves through their lives. Carol’s life veers from higher education and political science into the yoga community. How she encourages herself in this navigation is the yoga required of all of us seeking recovery, the recovery of our 360-degree life, a full-spectrum life inclusive of passion, purpose, poignancy, inquiry, contemplation, and integrity.

Contemplation Tool Offered: Carol shares a wide angle view of our life “course” as it’s unfolding, influenced by yoga, our histories, our cultural influences, and being change-agents in the time in which we live.

Visit Carol Horton’s Website.

Sunday, November 12th, 2017


Gabor Mate | 12:30 pm Pacific

The Role of Isolation in Addiction + The Healing Power of What We Feel in the Present Moment

Join Gabor and Sarahjoy as they explore a core principle from Gabor’s teachings: the central role of isolation in addiction. They further journey through this dialogue revealing their own early beginnings, both with mother’s whose fathers were away at war at the time of their birth. Gabor candidly shares of himself as physician, author, teacher, speaker, and wise, humble, accessible human being, steeped in the wisdom of living directly into his life experiences.

A key teaching they co-explore is the role of the right brain for nudging us to “feel” into our experiences, in the body, rather than to intellectualize one’s way around it. Referred to as a spiritual bypass, listen as Gabor’s deeply embodied and grounded perspective invites you into your felt experiences. He points elegantly to the daily opportunities we have to heal: whenever and wherever we may find ourselves stirred, here is the moment we can awaken. Our stirrings reveal to us the nature of our personal work.

Sarahjoy poses a compelling question to Gabor surrounding the role of “ego” in our journey. Listen as his heartfelt reflections provide both solace and guidance.

Contemplation + Practice Tool Offered: Turn toward and feel into your body, in your moments of activation or arousal, and discover the information, wisdom, and healing dwelling there.

Visit Gabor Mate’s Website

Noah Levine | 5:30 pm Pacific

Craving and Aversion Won’t Free Us

True Freedom isn’t just symptom abatement (though becoming free from self-harming behavioral symptoms is a stage of recovery). Real freedom emerges as we recognize the forces of craving and aversion, clinging and resistance, and the story we tell ourselves about ourselves as the One who is suffering. Recognition allows us to move toward skillful action in relationship to all we discover.

Join Noah as he provides both an overview of Refuge Recovery and speaks specifically with Sarahjoy about tangible, applicable practices for daily life in getting sober, establishing a path and community of recovery, and becoming free.

You’ll find Noah to be genuine, refreshing, accessible, and visionary. He also willingly models, in real time, his personal growing edges related to his recovery, his role as a teacher in a vibrant community, and his recognition of his responsibility to publicly discuss his inherited positions of power and privilege.

Noah’s capacity to welcome these conversations reflects the true freedom we grow into in recovery: Freedom from the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Noah himself is still evolving. Recovery and life continue to inform and inspire him. True Freedom is free from clinging (to who we have been) and free of resistance (to the transformations that occur in us as we recover).

In Hunger, Hope + Healing, this freedom, known as Self-Forgiveness + Freedom, is the freedom to shed our painful strategies, to authentically explore our personal limitations, and to live into the potential and grace we’re meant to become.

Check Out Noah’s Book “Refuge Recovery”

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Judith Black | 12:30 pm Pacific

Telling Our Personal Stories, Understanding Our Collective Story

As a storyteller and intrepid explorer of life larger than our own narrative, Judith inspires us to consider how our journeys were shaped, where our journey lives in us, and how its expression is healing for ourselves and humanity.

In this interview, you’ll meet some of the characters she has played in her performances, related to food and body image, and our mother-daughter journey. You’ll also hear from two women with the spark of camaraderie and hopefulness that are integral to recovery. It turns out that in recovery, we do need to find those persons with whom we can resonate, attune, explore, and heal. Recovery isn’t a solo journey. Our stories are not only our own. We are all part of the larger tapestry. Judith also transparently offers her warmth and perspective with her daughter-mother relationship, one of complexity, shame, and mis-attunement that eventually allowed for an abiding inner healing and resolution.


Visit Judith’s Website.

Courtney Cronk | 5:30 pm Pacific

Nutrition Need Not Be Rigid

Join Sarahjoy and Courtney for this warm perspective on wisely integrating a nutritional perspective into your recovery, including dropping the notions of good and bad foods.

Between Courtney’s wisdom in nutrition and Sarahjoy’s inclusion of the Ayurvedic perspective, you’ll also hear:

  • your grandmother’s advice,
  • mindfulness recommendations,
  • how to engage your senses and your right brain in the exploration of self-care, food preparation, and self-nourishment,
  • specific suggestions for navigating the holidays, family meals, and even when you’re eating alone.

Courtney and Sarahjoy share an enthusiasm for the journey of healthful living made simple.

Visit Courtney’s Website

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Durga Leela | 12:30 pm Pacific

Coming Soon…

Dianne Bondy | 5:30 pm Pacific

Loving Our Bodies + Fierce Personal Esteem

This high energy yoga entrepreneur jumps right into our discussion, meandering through how she came to love her body fully (hint: being pregnant was a part of it!) and how she now boldly encourages others to celebrate themselves, at any size. Sarahjoy refers to this as Fierce Personal Esteem: claiming it even when you feel shaky.

Listen also as Sarahjoy asks Dianne for advice for the part of her that would have been too frightened to try it when her eating disorder was blazing. “What might you say to the part of me that was [terrified, overwhelmed, timid]? Dianne and Sarahjoy also share a passion for yoga and social justice, helping yoga to become more accessible, and breaking down barriers for this accessibility.

Visit Dianne’s Website.

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017


Vanessa Timmons |12:30 pm Pacific

Coming Soon…


Linda Sparrows | 5:30 pm Pacific

Coming Soon…



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