amrita Teacher Training Begins April 13th, 2018


Spring 2018 DATES

April 13-15, 2018
May 25-28, 2018
June 8-10, 2018
July 13-15, 2018

Important Information

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This program develops truly incredible teachers!!

Teaching yoga is an art and a science.  It is a conversation, a dance, an interpersonal reciprocity between teacher and students. Join Sarahjoy and her training team as you develop your knowledge and your skill set as well as your personal artistry as a teacher.
Your life informs your yoga, your yoga informs your life.  Out of that dance arise your perspective, your passion, your voice, and your teaching style!  Combined with the systemotology of amrita yoga, you can be confident in your yoga and teaching methodology as well as the heart (and mind) you’ll bring to all of your relationships with your students.
amrita yoga is a form of vinyasa yoga with influences from Ayurveda, physical therapy, neuroscience, yoga philosophy and psychology, pranayama, and mindfulness. amrita yoga emphasizes the bio-mechanics of alignment, anatomy, kinesiology, and rehabilitative processes. Click here to learn more about the style of amrita yoga.

Sarahjoy parsvottanasana

This program begins with developing a strong foundation in alignment principles and then builds on the skills and techniques for teaching yoga. Along with deepening your own practice you will learn teaching techniques and alignment principles, use of language, observation skills, hands on adjustments, demonstration skills, and sequencing strategies, as well as group discussions on yoga philosophy and the practice of yoga on and off the mat.