Pointing at the Moon

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Meandering into Meeting My Teachers   One of my teachers was born into a family lineage. His father is his guru. And his father’s father before him. His father is also his inspiration, his devotion, and thus he knew there … Continued

United we stand . . .

Since our last discussion about shame as a force of isolation (an early protective mechanism), I’ve had the blessing of intersecting with new areas of community in the yoga world and to engage with other yoga visionaries, activists, entrepreneurs, as … Continued

My Teachers

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I was talking just fine. My voice tone and the felt sense of my body were relaxed and cohesive (just like I recommend to yoga teachers in my series of blogs on the Languages of Yoga). Until the goosebumps overcame … Continued

The Language of Yoga: Part One

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We’re Stuck At What Not To Do Last week in our 300-hour yoga therapy teacher training program, a student asked an earnest and pivotal question about the language of yoga. I felt the fire of my passion for elegant language … Continued